The sound of popping corn brings out childhood memories in most of us, and that’s why it’s a favourite with people of all ages around the globe. With consumers now looking for more healthy snack alternatives, and retail corporate entities looking to increase their profit margins, why not invest in catering to those demands. It’s definitely the way forward!

As Australia’s Premier Suppliers of popcorn manufacturing equipment, and with our corn processed right here in Melbourne, the Superpop Group has established industry leadership, and the capacity to help you and your business stand out as a unique stop-over for something to nibble on.

  • By purchasing one of our machines, you can pop your corn on the premises (up to 450kg per hour), so it’s fresh and easy to replenish.
  • You can choose the method of production, by selecting from our range of machines – from freestanding trolleys, to compact machines for limited spaces, to commercial-sized poppers, and Staging Cabinets (for prepared product display).
  • We’ll supply you with the highest quality corn, the oils, flavourings, and the colours, and even the Kettle Cleaning Solutions to help keep you compliant as a food handling premises.
  • Your personalised branding can be managed by us as well. You’ll get boxes, buckets and pouches with your chosen graphic design, to ensure the expansion and exposure of your name – every time a customer walks out your front door.
  • And, you can control the amount of oil and salt content you add, so that you can give your customers a promise of complete satisfaction, every time!

With distribution networks all over Australia, and others in New Zealand, we’ll get what you need to you in a flash.

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The guest list is done, the day is coming, and then there’s the shopping list. Catering for an event today, especially in your own home, can be exciting, and yet a food supply nightmare. The tradition of supplying fairy bread, chips, raspberry cordial, and popular colas has now been laid to rest. What about the artificial colourings, the flavourings, the gluten, and the peanuts? And then there’s the vegetarians, the vegans and the dairy intolerant! Dietary requirements have changed significantly with the advent of more definitive medical advice in particular. We now know that raspberry revs kids up, that gluten can make others very sick, and that allergies to nuts can cause fatal anaphylactic fits.

So back to the party shopping list! There’s a bunch of kids coming, some adults and a couple of relatives. The parents have sent a few notes about what their darlings need to avoid, and everyone wants to have a good time. Chips are out, frankfurts are off the menu, and with five vegetarians on board, there has to be something to chew on that suits everyone.

Enter POPCORN! It’s perfect.

“As the oldest popcorn manufacturing company in Australia, we’ve spent many years researching food allergies, and we’re proud to include a vast range of popcorn varieties that cater for various ‘at risk’ dietary groups. We work with health professionals regularly, and keep the highest of standards in our Melbourne manufacturing plant, so that our party planning consumers can shop for special needs people with ease.” Ian Kondarovskis, of Superpop Group, goes on to say, “Discerning parents and caterers are shopping smarter. They’re reading the packaging labels, and turning away from foods full of preservatives, MSG, artificial colourings, gluten, and sugar. And few snack foods can boast the benefits that popcorn can. It is a vegetable after all.”

So, up the snack aisle you go… you’re checking labels and trying to tick all the boxes. And the message is right there in bold print on the front of each pack. Most popcorn brands have kept true to popcorn’s popularity by preserving the original taste, but some have dug deeper to become more adept about consumer allergy concerns. Take for example, the wide range of flavours and varieties available. Several brands, like Superpop, for example, have cottoned on by using ingredients that follow a No Added Artificial Colours or Flavours, No Preservatives, No Added MSG, and Gluten Free code. Even the Sweet and Salty and Butter Flavoured varieties come pre-packaged and are vegetarian friendly. And if you’re still concerned about what additives are in your shop-purchased popcorn packs, you can always buy or hire a popcorn machine and take full control of what the golden kernels are mixed with, and make it onsite in your very own backyard, whilst the party is in full swing.

One thing is certain, with popcorn on your party menu, it will be scooped up by the handful, the birds will take care of any spillage, and you can satisfy most food allergy sufferers – oh, AND also those who may have overindulged over the holidays and who are now watching their calories. It really is the perfect party food.



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